I have always been fascinated by peoples’ stories. Born in Brazil, I grew up overseas in the most formative years of my life. By the age of 12, I had lived with my family in three different countries across two continents. The experience of being transported from a suburban Australian street to a new country gave me two great skills. One was the ability to be comfortable in my own company. The second was to be able to observe Australian culture as if an outsider or stranger to the country.

The effect of this upbringing has been to give me a strong impulse to seek out Australian stories about connection and place. I am deeply interested in why we tell stories. More importantly though, my focus is on the stories we choose to tell and the stories we are desperate should remain untold.

This growing collection shares local histories of Melbourne, and the stories of its creative people – filmmakers, artists, writers and performers – and their unique expression of culture and place.

I hope you enjoy.

About Sara Cousins

I am a Melbourne-based creative producer and writer interested in storytelling across all media. I have worked in digital education for many years. I am particularly interested in helping people to create and share their own stories.